Tribute to that Angel looking down on Me
7th August, 2015 Writers
Twentieth of July 2014 was a sunday.I was fast asleep when my phone rang out,Beyonce's flawless feat My favorite Nigerian modern day author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche was my ringtone back then.I slowly got up to pick up my phone.The caller I.D was "Buddie",I jerked up immediately.                   'Hello' uncle,'hello' uncle the voice at the other end of the line mimicked.The voice continued,naughty girl so you didnt want to pick my call before 'abi'........Nooooooo uncle,I was sleeping I giggled.     
 Lazy girl he called back at me,Atinuke you forgot about your uncle cause he is broke at the moment isnt it??I burst out out with laughter,uncle leave me ooo,I can never forget you and you know that well!Alright he replied,let me know when you get back to school so I can come take you and your friends out for a treat.'yaaayh' thanks uncle i said deliriously.Extend my greetings to everyone at home,love you 'aburo mii' he said then hung up.                    
           Fast forward,I went back to school.Lectures,late night readings and the likes consumed my time as usual.I neither pinged my uncle nor gave him a call.He was right,I had truly forgotten him.Wednesday 6th,August 2014.I finally called my uncle but something unwonted happened.Aunt Funmitoju(his wife)picked up his call."hello" Tinu she said,"hi" aunt I replied,where is uncle? Why isnt he with his phone?all these questions sprung up as a result of me being typed up.Your uncle is sick she said,just put him in your prayers.Feelings of trepidation took over me but I wasnt going to let her realize that.Ok!he is going to be fine,i'll call you later i replied then hung up.       
Then came the  palpitations,I had difficulty breathing,in short,I was in a Topsy-Turvy state.After a few minutes I regained my composure,performed an ablution,picked up my praying mat(am Muslim)and made supplications to God to heal my uncle with hot tears rolling down my face.That night,the palpitations visited once again.I could not sleep,I got up to make more supplications for him Oh!Lord please keep my uncle safe i went on perpetually.I continued this ritual for the next few days...........Tenth of August 2014,I had just woken up when my mom's call came in at exactly 8am.Oh!the tone of that voice,I had heard it before.It was the lowest of tones,it wasnt a good sign at all.A feeling of consternation filled me up,'hello' mom I summoned up courage to say.What is it i asked? 'Hello' Tinu the voice at the other end of the line replied,Oh!I didnt want to hear her next statement.Tinu!Buddie is dead!!she said then hung up!

Have you ever felt a pain similar to that of a dagger that pierced the heart of a warrior?ever wondered what the firewood endures while burning?Did you play in the cold so much and thought you would freeze to death?ever tried imagining the pain the dead man that was hit by a train before his death felt?try putting yourself in the shoes of an agonizing mother that delivered a still birth?I could go on incessantly but none of these pains can ever describe the loss of my dearest uncle OLABODE ABORISADE.Pain so deep,tears so hot,mind so faraway.......The cold hands of death snatched my bestfriend,confidant,scolder and loving uncle not only away from his family but the world at large.He wasnt just my uncle,he was an uncle to my friends as well.He would call each and everyone of us giving advices on academics,relationships etc etc.Anytime i offended my dad,Buddie would be the one dad would report to.There was this particular day,my little sister called me and told me dad didn't like the picture i had put up on 'whatsapp'(i was dolled up in the picture)my father isn't a fan of loud make up.I texted my dad and told him there really wasn't anything bad with the picture(lol he got angrier).As usual my dad had reported to Buddie.He called me immediately i explained things to him and he promised to go visit dad in the office in order to placate him,which he eventually did.That was the end of the drama between father and daughter all thanks to Buddie
A long time ago before the APC Governorship Primaries,Buddie would use AMBODE as his dp and status on BBM.Uncle what's your deal with this man?I was forced to ask him. 'Princess' as he fondly called me 'thats my man' 'that's our man' 'that's the people's man' he replied ok I replied him.Unknown to me,he had even campaigned to my friends as well telling them they should all vote for AMBODE once elections came up cause he would be the next Lagos State Governor.
Oh!well Ambode eventually became the Lagos State Governor.I was elated!tears of joy and sadness simultaneously rolled down my cheeks.Joy because Buddie's dream came true but sadness because he isn't here to celebrate the victory.Even though our parents are our God given guardian angels,we also have another guardian angel always ready to help us through it all.My uncle Olabode was that guardian angel.
Do you have that uncle that never hesitated to pay cash into your account when your account was in the red,that uncle that ceaselessly asks about your academical progress,that uncle that hardly failed in his promises to me,that uncle who had plans and surprises he couldn't wait to unveil and do for my father immediately his plans clicked.Well!mine was snatched away from me on the 10th of August 2014(wasn't that a day or two before his wife's birthday).If you have that kind of uncle I used to have,the one who never failed to remind you of the love he has for his wife,the love for his mother and even the love for strangers,please appreciate him.Not a single biological child he had,but my uncle was a father to many children,he was even a father to adults of his age and over.
On the day of his burial,you would have thought last respects was being paid to a former head of state.People came out enmasse,the cemetary caretakers had to say after Dagrin's burial my uncle's burial was the next that pulled so much crowd.
That uncle I used to tease about his feminine voice,that uncle whose love was pure is no more!but his memory lives on.Not one to be forgotten but one to be remembered always and forever.RIP OLABODE ABORISADE only God Himself knows why He had to take you away so soon......
Oyinloye Atinuke Yasmeen

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A tribute to my favorite uncle who succumbed to death last year.

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