7th August, 2015 Artists
Incomplete is what I am standing alone in the crowded market,
Women chit-chatting about their husbands,
Children playing football with a deflated ball,
I stand afar, too scared to go any closer,
Lest I disperse the market.

I am like the masquerade that makes people take to their heels,
And yet, I have no whip nor am I covered in bamboo rafters,
Still, I must confess, the smell from my body is worthy of a run,
Please teach me, how I can run from myself?

I remain stuck in a body that has failed me,
Not my body's fault though; partially my fault.
I got married too early, got pregnant too early,
I had a stillbirth and now, I've got VVF.
My name is Aisha Ramon and I am 15years old.

Give hope to Aisha and other girls like her who are stigmatized by society due to the continuous involuntary discharge of urine
Art by KorrayB
credit: writing by Nwalynda
  • Monochrome oil color painting

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