hear me out
7th August, 2015 Writers

I’m tired of hiding the outer voice and suppressing the inner

I’m tired of ignoring the potentials fighting viciously to be exposed

I’m tired of playing second fiddle to all homo sapiens

I’m tired of pretending to be inexistent

To hear me out is all I ask


It’s high time I stopped hiding who I really am

It’s high time I stepped right into limelight

It’s high time I quit holding back my actual feelings

It’s high time I showed my potentials to the world

To hear me out is all I ask


I no longer want to be oppressed

I no longer want to be shut out of existence

I no longer care about people who don’t believe in me

I no longer want my rights to be trampled on

To hear me out is all I ask


I accept that I’m grossly imperfect

I accept that I’m too secretive

I accept fully all my inadequacies

I accept the weakness of my emotions

To hear me out is all I ask


I refuse to go into oblivion

I refuse to thole in silence

I refuse for my potentials to be undermined

I refuse to be disregarded

To hear me out is all I ask


I want to show the universe the real me

I want to come clean to the world

I want to be responsible for my actions

I want to tell planet earth a lot of things

To hear me out is all I ask

  • The cries of a girl yearning to be heard!

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