Know Me
12th August, 2015 Writers

People are different 

My reputation precedes me
I had quite a crafty reputation a while back
And I've learnt how much it sucks to be judged 
Without a chance to prove your worth 
I know it's meant to be a good thing if it’s a good reputation
But still
No matter what I'm known for
I'd like people to get to know me
Without them using what they know about me to assess me
Know me and have your own opinion of me
Forget what you've heard
What you've heard might not be completely false and it also might not be completely true
What you heard isn’t all there is to me
There’s so much more to me; so much I have to offer
Find out for yourself
Most things in life are just facts
Sometimes, people are held with great esteem for one reason or the other
But when you get to know them personally, you realize they're just like you
With everyday problems, everyday stress
There's no need to make such a fuss about anyone
Some people may seem confident but they're actually really shy and reserved
Not everyone likes attention or special treatment
Especially me. 
Abuja, Nigeria
  • Get to know a person before you judge what they're capable of

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