Entry three
10th August, 2015 Writers
      After dinner, I tuck Brandon I mean "Wale" to sleep and retire to my room. I meet mom in my room, what does she want now? I have had enough scolding to last me a decade. " mom, why are you here, hope no problem? I asked , "you are my problem Siju. Is it fair what you did? Ehn?" " I am sorry now, I have been saying that since the divorce just accept and move let's move on please" I begged. "Ok, I hear you", she said. I knew she couldn't stay mad at me for long. "This relocation of yours, you'll need a job", "yes I was going to tell you that, help me talk to dad about it". "Why?"she asked, "because he is your husband" I replied, "he is also your daddy" she replied laughing as she left the room.
      By morning, I call up my girls for a hook up, I can't wait to meet Lagos Mehn. We agree to meet at one of those lounges on the island. Saka is already waiting by the car, "Haunty Siju, goodmorin".
"Morning", I replied.
"Ehn, the shocolate, you have nefer gife me so I say I should told you".
"Saka please speak Yoruba".
"No fex Haunty".
"My friend is coming to pick me so no need to take me, I'll give you the chocolate when I return".
"Thank you ma". Not so long, a car honks outside and like I wasn't expecting it my "dear" Raji screams "Tani..?", this time around I couldn't contain myself "are you high?, why can't you stay at your post and check?, must you shout?", you won't believe that this man didn't even act like I was talking, very rude ass. I just walked away to the car outside, I don't have his strength.
    Moyo, one of my friends is by the car, "Siju" she yelled, very happy to see me, I too was, I missed my friends, " how are you, and your folks?" Fine, "please forget them joor, let's talk about you, you look so good and you are single" she said grinning, "Moyo you are also highly single done forget" we laughed. As we get to the parking lot of the lounge, everybody seemed to be staring at this pure white Mercedes-Benz G wagon approaching with fuchsia pink alloy rims and instantly we knew it couldn't be none other than my third friend Alex. Rushing in her sky high pink louboutins and white dress she runs towards us, I still wonder how she can walk in those " Siju boo OMG, how are you?", she asked turning me around to asses me. " I am good, no need to ask how you are I already know, but Alex why will your hair be the same length with your dress and the color of your outfit same with your car, are those shoes meant to match your tires?? "Hellooooo Siju have you forgotten who I am?, I am Alexandre Sesay-Akinyemi, A.K.A 'A' money, A.K.A spend it all, A.K.A kill them all, A.K.A flawless, somebody please stop me now the list is endless, Moyo stopped her quickly before she oppressed us further "please can we go in now princess Alex and stop creating a scene" Moyo said.
   Now Alex is the only child of Chief Oluseye Sesay-Akinyemi, former minister of petroleum and now into private oil business. Her mother on the other hand is a half-caste former miss Puerto-Rico and now C.E.O of C-SAY cosmetics West-Africa. You would find it better to pop pills and die than to contend with her in both looks and wealth, men literally drool when she walks into a room. In fact Alex is a constant reminder of how fat I am, and huge, more like a whale, yes I think I'm a whale next to her. You can't help but love Alex though.
    We sit at the bar and before we could even settle down the waiter comes with a bottle of champagne and places it in front of Alex stating that the man at the counter wants her to have it. As we all glance at him, he is already grinning and blowing kisses at her, and just as if we planned it, we blurt out DH!!!( die hard ) and burst into laughter. At that very moment as they throw back their heads to laugh, I realized how much I had missed my dear friends. " I love you guys", "awwww Siju, we love you too".

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