The Last Girl
11th August, 2015 Writers

It was all quiet

As the dusty, harmattan  wind

Saturated the stench through the village;

The smell of the bodies was pungent.

All of a sudden,

I heard her whispering,

"Mama, Mama, Chinedu, Chinedu."

She walked amongst the bodies,

Looking, searching,

But careful not to step on them.

She ran back to the hut;

As she got closer,

She started shouting,

"Mama, Mama, Chinedu, Chinedu,

The big men have left. Come out. They are gone."

I heard his footsteps;

The girl started running and screaming;

He pursued her with long strides

But she ran as quickly as her legs would carry her.

He grabbed her

And pulling her by the hair,

Dragged her across the dirt.

Her screams got louder;

He threw her into the pile;

She saw them;

She shook them,

"Mama, Mama, Chinedu, Chinedu,

Get up, the big men are back, the big men are back."

I heard her scream one last time;

Then I heard the shot

And it was all quiet again.

Sharon Balogun

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