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Costain-wharf, Orile, Orile,  Orile, Costain-wharf, iyana-oba-vox, Orile, Orile. This noisy busstop again .Yes I am at the bus-stop,  precisely The bus-stop at Ojuelegba ,the one right in front of the filling station. I am standing there just beside the pavement, with several other commuters waiting to enter a bus or tricycle popularly called "keke" which would take us to our various destinations. My eyes wandering around with lust, gazing at several wares being traded and hawked. I dare not buy anything knowing fully well that I just have the exact amount for the transportation back home. Occasionally tho, my eyes get carried away by the sight of a beautiful lady or ladies passing by. My hands are roughly tucked into my trouser pockets partly as a result of cold and partly to reduce the chances of my wallet being stolen.Orile-bodethomas, Bodethomas-orile, I hear a distinct and loud destination I am conversant with. Orile- Bodethomas, Yes Yes a"keke" going our way. frantically trying to get a seat I quickly jump in, three other people follow suit. I am right in front beside the rider, we both share the seat with two-third of our buttocks actually seated. A woman who happens to be quite busty and two other men are neatly compressed at the backseat. The driver gives the N.U.R.T.W worker popularly referred to as "agbero" #50 Naira and we are on our way.Writer GEE - Oga, how much is it? Driver - #100 Naira, "Abeg hole ya change"Writer GEE - Ahan, Bodethomas nko? Driver - shitta, shoprite #50 Naira, Bodethomas #70, Orile #100 Naira." Tank God say no 'go-slow' dey today" says the woman, "abi ooo"  replies the young man at my back who happens to sit at the right side of the busty middle aged woman; who from the side mirror I can see wearing a slightly faded suit and a neatly ironed cream coloured shirt. We are just past stadium and with the way the road seems free I would soon be home.I just heard a faint sound, Hmmm I perceive a disturbing and nauseating odour. Can you smell it? No one seems to be saying a thing. We are now very close to shitta round about.  Ohhh gosh.. I am sure u can smell this too. who in the world doesn't have the decency enough to respect other people in a public transit vehicle.  My friendly smile is gradually changing into an irritated angry frown. "who mess" " who be dat Na" shouts the driver " una no get toilet "" Una go just dey big una no dey chop better" obviously referring to the busty lady at the back. I quickly say "this is rubbish" before I am thought to be the unruly individual "mtcheew" "mtcheew " hisses one or two people at the back seat.Alas I can see my bus-stop, I would soon alight and be free from the polluted "keke". "Bodethomas junction wa oo", at last we are almost home and I would be able to use the toilet soonest. Chill!!! you didnt know?  I am asking with a puzzled look... I am soo sorry,even writers  fart we all are human and we all 'mess' regardless of race, colour, religion, sex,position,character or occupation.  IamGEE#

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A fictional reality

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