A Smile And A Tear
11th August, 2015 Writers
Every day is the same old thing
Seeing you with him makes my heart sting
The way your eyes look at him with desire
I feel as though my whole world is on fire
I think it hurts so much to see
because that’s how you used to look at me
You told me you wished I could see I how cute I am on those bad days where nothing makes me
You can because you’re funny and caring and sweet to me
But lately it seems like it’s only when you want to be
Whenever he’s around acknowledging me comes to an end
Even though you told me I’m your best friend
I try to move on
I want these feelings gone
But when I’m with you I remember why
I love you because you’re what I want in a woman
I’ve never met anyone else like you
Who sees the world the way I do
Do you think your life would be better...
if you thought maybe we were meant to be together?
But I don’t think you will ever know.
So the time has come to let you go
Some people just aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever
So I decided to write you this final letter.
I know that you will never reply
Because this is where I finally say goodbye.
Lagos, Nigeria
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