In Love With A Married Woman
11th August, 2015 Writers
Being in love with a married woman is not a very smart thing to do
I never thought this would happen to me, not after I saw it happened to you
but it’s too late for that now
here I am confused and blue
in love with a married woman
and I don’t know what to do

Whenever we are together
it’s wonderful as it can be
but then she has to go home
because she is not free
she lives with her husband
they are married and still live happily 
she’s with him but her wholle heart and body wants to be with me
our love is rare; a true gift from above

She fits in my arms so perfectly
our lips mesh like they should
whenever we are together
we do every thing we could
to pass the time fate allows us
she’s here with me from eleven to three
when she leaves, nothing is what I got

I’ve known so many woman
but she is the one for me
whenever we get to hug up
she fits in my arms perfectly
says she loves me truly
but she won’t give up her life
she’s got me yet she’s not free
she is another mans wife

In love with a married woman
I’m helpless to change my fate
whenever I get to be with her
she sings a siren song until it’s too late
She’s so hilarious
next thing you know we’re tangled
in a lovers knot all day
but when we’re done with our fun
she has to go away


A Twist Of Fate

I’ve played with love all my life
never took it too seriously
but now I’ve meet my perfect lover
I want her to be here with me
she said she loves me more than life
but she just isn’t free
I’ve fallen in love with a married woman
fate’s played a mean trick on me

Lagos, Nigeria
  • NB: These poems are fiction. I thought I’d point that out to those of you who believe everything you read....

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