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It HURTS a lot when you love someone so much, you care about him or her, you sacrifice any little thing you get and give it to that person, You believe in everything they tell you, you bear that person’s situation, you change your life in many ways because of that person you take to be your everything. You accept to lose some vital people in your life because of that person, you ignore other people who are interested in you because of him or her, you TRUST that person so much with all your heart. You keep yourself for only that one person but yet he/she is loving someone else behind your back. As time goes on that person starts to ignore you. Starts doing strange things, gives you no attention and the relationship starts to be shaky. You try to fight for that person’s love yet seriously they are letting you go. You panic, you plead, you start begging for forgiveness yet that person is the one in wrong. You do very many things at this jiffy because you don’t want to lose that special love of your life but all in vain. That person now resorts to ignoring your calls, they never call back when they find your missed calls, they start having many excuses, they start blaming you over false things, they start shouting at you, they start to distance themselves from you and eventually they dump you with no clear sounding reasons. Seriously it really hurts to love someone yet he or she loves someone else. So if you’re currently in a relationship with someone that you take to be a HEAVEN SENT ANGEL, be careful. Love with your heart but don’t forget to use your brain in some situations. That's what love contains.
Lagos, Nigeria
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