Special Someone
12th August, 2015 Writers
I’ve seen your eyes how very sad, 
And I know how it makes me feel so bad.
I don’t really know what to do,
To keep you from being so lonely and blue.

I don’t know much about your life,
Are you a mother or a wife?
What did you used to do for a living?
And were you always so kind and giving?

You really make me wonder,
What made you happy when you were younger.
What always seemed to brighten your day?
After hard long hours of earning your pay.

Your heart is filled with so much glee,
If only you would open it and set it free.

People think my job is just a job,
But to them my heart would give a great big throb.
That’s not my view at all,
Because I can sit and recall,
Some very special times we share,
That makes my heart have a big tear.

To me you are very dear,
And I will always hold you near.

I know my love isn’t family tied,
And that makes me want to sigh.
But I want you to see,
That you fill my heart with glee.

I know we all have good and bad days,
But its always your special little ways,
That seem to brighten up my days.

I want you to know,
That my love for you could only grow.
There’s a place in my heart,
that only you could fill that part.

You’ve touched me in a special way,
And to you I could never be able to repay!
But Ill try my best to you I promise,
To be open caring loving and honest.

For you your love I will cherish,
and my love for you will never perish.
So when you see me filled with Glee!
Know that its you that makes my love So Free.
Lagos, Nigeria
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