the break up poem
12th August, 2015 Writers
It was all good 
From the start 
Everything was all
Bright like a star 
Even the sunshine 
Had nothing on us
It was just U & I ‎
So much emotions 
That couldn't tell 
Bonnie from Clyde 
Late night ‎conversation 
Being futuristic 
Forgetting about‎
What was realistic ‎
Really,nothing last forever ‎
And now we are 
Both like whatever 
So many months wasted 
Building a tower of babel‎
Now we can't relate no more 
You broke my heart 
Should I say 
But i'm heartless 
Traded it all for your love 
I traded it building us"
How can it be all over 
When it's just about to start 
This is hard to decipher 
I guess I should just 
Leave it at that ‎
The bre‎ak up 
Lagos, Nigeria
  • A piece for the heart broken, relationships are like sand papers,they help you end up smooth and polished

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