The secret of success
12th August, 2015 Writers

The secret of success by Gbenga Agbedejobi

I believe those who want 2 know the secret behind a 'thing, already know the 'thing'. And this is where I falter. A lot of us desire success, buh we r clueless abt wat success really mean, and entail. I would try as much as possible to explain what success is or rather should be from my own understanding,  given my 20 plus years of existence in a cruel tough but stable third world country, where success defines u even from birth. So what is success? Success is 1 of very few words that do not have a general or universally accepted definition. This is because there r several spheres or areas in which success can be. So I tend to change my question. What is success 2 u?. Now this question can be answered by only one person U. Success is what you define it to be. Success gets it's meaning from u. success which seem 2 be the shepherd tending to we the sheep, is actually the grass which 'we' the Shepherd feed the sheep.My emphasis on d meaning of a subject should be annoying to a rational thinker. "Why wont he jes tell me the secret?" says shade, "i knw what success is i jes want the secret" nags ejiro. "My son go straight to the point i dont have much time" says my father.  But when we knw a thing unravelling the secret is made much more easy. Since success is what we define it to be, We should know the secret of success. Understand this illustration: the author of a book should understand the book best. The secret of success is in the individual.  Without bringing religion morals or any ethereal concept into play. howbeit no matter the metaphysical backing success is individualistic.This doesn't mean only few people will succeed. We all have latent powers capable of producing success inside of us. Unlike several other notions like attraction n desire, success is not inductive. Success is not hereditary neither can it be passed in a will.I wrote earlier in my first paragraph "The secret behind success" success is what people see. The secret is the trail left behind in the individualistic crawl, walk, run, or flight to success. Telling u the secret is telling u my secret. N i dont think i am dat generous. It is mine. U have urs.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This post is inspired by God without whom i am nothing, William walker Atkinson, My bro for the wisdom of God in him. My ever loving friends N my very stylishly humble n pompous self. IamGEE#

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