Forbidden Brethren
14th August, 2015 Writers
i'm just gonna script this verse according to its title|

i keep dropping these evil thoughts...then i recycle|

my life got f**kd up...just in a circle|

round nd round i go...err'thin keeps repeatin it my 'life circle|

i feel like i'm damaged beyond repair...the writing on the wall says "i can't mend you|

i went for redemption...walking around feelin like a devil in God city|

no good human wanna get their selves involve with me|

i saw the look on the little boy's face..b4 he came for he have seen d evil in me|

covered in love and deceit|

for the first time in ma life i felt like the vision is real|

how do i explain it's not's another me?|

what if my mom finds out bout me?.. how will ma mother feel?|

lord forgive your son...this life...this ride is only gonna lead me to a dead End|

says...The forbidden Brethren||

to be continued....
Lagos, Nigeria
  • a dark soul with a pure heart and great mind that seeks the holy path of God...

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