13th August, 2015 Writers

I lied.....‎cheated
I killed my own soul 
Vanity and profanity 
Were all my goals 
I think every night
But my thoughts 
Were dark ‎and foul
Lord forgive but 
I deserve it not

Lord remember
That I am selfish 
I rejects you every time
Daily,all the things 
You hate, I found 
Pl‎easure in doing 
Forsake me not 
I pray thee 
Forgive me but 
Am inhumane 

Your love 
I repeatedly disdain 
Lord forgive me
If you can 
I blow out
The lights that you lit
Steal from those
Who can not speak

Am completely flawed
I trample on your laws 
But am only dust 
Blow me away
So i'll be lost 
Forgive me not
For next time
I'd do it again
Cos unfortunately 
Am human

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Crafted in his image and yet we don't seem to abide by his rules and that doesn't even change any part of him...

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