Race against Time
28th August, 2015 Writers
I don't even have a "wristwatch to tel what 'time' is it...literally all I'm saying is there's "no time//

i feel like there are so many 'clocks' in d freezer...i jhus wanna sundry these cold times//

i keep running....still trying to win the race against time with zero crime//

Life didn't come with a 'price' tag...i failed to recognize the 'value' of life//

another wasted youth...wishing the bottles of liquor could slow down the speed of time//

the other night i rolled a fat one...put some in ma liquor....i got so high..u could easily tell i was afraid of heights//

the pictures of me...i couldn't see in d ordinary world starts rolling in//

these visions fuckks with ma mind...the reason i don't stop puffin even wen it starts choking me//

i learned to live with pain...i embrace every piece of the shii...life is a hoe, i don't even think twice no more i jhus throw dick in//(deacon) 
like i'm angry with the lord's servant. 

i just wanna go back in time...life keeps fuckkin me up...now feeling like a lonely bitch//

i can write a never ending tale of razak//

does my name rhyme with berserk?fvck pronunciation...even the boy is berserk!//

doing 69 with life before i even turn 69...i'm on some karma//

i see movies and watch ma life in almost every drama!//

sometimes it's more than a movie...it's something i could relate to//

it makes me feel deranged tho//

and act like a fuckin Lion that doesn't eat remains yo!//

buh wait...that's ma fuckin self wen I'm not even deranged yo!//. 

i wanna keep writing...i think I'm really good with the words//

but time doesn't stay still..like a sitting doll//

i gotta go...i'm at war with myself...my competitor awaits me in the mirror!//

Lost soul.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • time waits for no man.

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