The Red Bead-in-Bead BIB statement necklace
16th August, 2015 Jewelry Designers
This dazzling Bead In Bead statement necklace got its inspiration from @beadsbynenye & @gbengaartsmith. The two creative artist took their time to think up a complex design out of the ordinary&common bead-in-bead design. That, to me, defines creativity. One thing with creativity is that, where one idea ends another one just pops up as long as the artist is ready and hardworking.
According to @gbengaartsmith

 “creativity is not learnt or taught; everyone is creative; you just need to cultivate the creativity in you and watch it grow. today’s master was yesterday’s amateur”

Thumbs up guys, Keep up the good work!
  • this jewellery was made in form of a 'bib' using the bead-in-bead pattern. Sand chalk beads and crystal beads were used to create this project. it was inspired by the ArtSmith collections by Gbenga Ayo dada

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