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Oftentimes, have listened to conversation about Nigerian youths and being a twenty something myself, there are certain conclusions (and some you won't like) has probably tagged Nigeria's future leaders of tomorrow has being without a dream. here are my findings:
No Future Ambition:  this is the most outdated term synonymous to a generation of the lazybones and "I give a damn people". what if want to spend my life listening to break up songs and ganster love making money? you only become young once but the sweat and struggle of our fore fathers are staring at us with doubt and disbelief of our capabilties to continue in god fate. After all, we are the leaders of tomorrow.
The innovator-Minus:  with the advent of Facebook,Twitter and other social media platforms, one may be tempted to curse their innovators for creating problems. it is unfortunate in other parts of the world are busy thinking of ways to increase their reputation has leaders in electronics, science, arts and tourism, we are busy  twerking our lives, instagraming our destiny and youtubing karaoke of songs!
When was the last time you thought of something new? something that will benefit the society, your family and yourself. No offence to the musicians but the inability to task our brain is less than annoying. Research indicates business start-ups begins from 18 to 27  and is the most creative stage of the brain.Now let me ask a question, if we donot  experiment, innovate and question, take calculative risks that would change the world, when will we do that?  yes we have enterprenurs  but may surprise you only 55% of these business are in existence, others are in the mind making excuses of the right time for their dreams to come true. 
In a country where creativity and innovation is everywhere, it is unfortunate our country is still among the less developed. a country with no thinkers and innovators is a create-less state. everything is based on innovation, and a country that lacks behind is a disaster to it's glory.
The Enligthen: it is amazing how we care little about our economy, its history and most importantly politics. it was surprising when someone identified Buhari as an Imam with no acdemic record of receiving formal education not to  talk of military training Aha!
A nation were it's future leaders careless about who will lead the country for the next 4 years, who will be in charge of policies and regulations which will affect the price of rice, if social will still exist and if women  will be respected and given education as they deserve, it speaks volume for a generation others will look to years to come.
We must not make the mistakes our fore father's made and make decisions that will put our country in jeopardy. Gone are the days youths seek the truth and apply it, study maifestros, challenge certain policies and provide suggestions to nation's problems.  if we do not question, read and challenge, how can we avoid these mistakes? 
Only 1.5 billion out of 4.5 billion registered voters voted in Lagos State and only God knows the number for other states.  what we are good at is criticizing the government and spreading our dirty laudry to the world.
Our religion practices is not left out, it is only in this country that politicians are more notorious than BIG in money laudering and killing but are given the highest awards for human development, achiever and followers of christ.
Our pastors and Imams gives us sermons  and we follow like zombies without seeking the truth ourselves, forcing others to follow our shallow minds and hating those who question our beliefs.
Learning is  bridge that takes one further to understanding and maturity, it is an asset, our freedom passport from those who wishes to chain us.
The Non Perseverelics: this is a word for us, so let me break it down. why should be chilling on a job that pays me peanuts even though am not ready to hustle, why do have to go to school abi no bi wizkid we dey make millions? I have the talent and skill so why aren't people buying my works?
The quote" champions aren't made in gyms, they are made on vision, goal and the will to succeed applies here. the determination and hustler attitude is the key, even your president-elect has it too. talent does not make you superior to the one who learnt it, becoming the best in school does not guarantee success and experience to a extent no longer matters in today's reality.  The abilty to be steadfast, overcome challenges  and continue to learn is wjat matters. Understand setbacks are temporary, they make your character modified, teach you a lot of things and mkes you wired to win.  these things are priceless in life and matter in the end. I can guarantee life will throw it's finest blows but the zeal to continue will see you through the end.
I DON'T NEED GOD:  Do need to say anything on this? Yeap. the alarming rate of youths who consider religion and honesty as "old school" is fascinating.  one often wonders if God truly exists but there are leaders who have remained true to their conscience and care less about the nation's cake. Integrity and reputation with a good last name gets you everything, it seems duffcult but it pays in the end, at least it is better than havingyour name in the dictionary opposite to "jegaed" *runs away*

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A write up on the inspiring youths in nigeria and their role to a country

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