A Text for Time
20th August, 2015 Writers

As she never chose what gender or beauty dexterity to possess as a woman
So didnt she choose the sun to rise from her face at the break of dawn
Installing in her every breath that passes the next to others
Drowned in her fragrance ten thousand hours following her absence
Making her Irresistible haven't been tasted
Her silence are so loud compared to her whispers 
So hard to tell her ears could hear my heart beating in want of her

I can't tell of her touch, I feel watermarked in her world
And lost when found around her cure making me sick
Erupting symtoms of sudden vocal inability
When you gaze, the hellos hide away in smiles returned
Your reach, always possibly impossible
As well as forever following YES I'LL STAY
Considering the use of my words in or off your ears
And off if it won't return as a feedback
To seal the leaks of the tank that fuels the words
Staring speechless the next time you pass by

With my sealed lips I'll screem out your name
Following the hello wave that shows just how your fingers fits in between mine
Only to steal the next second of your banked time
To tell with a stare 
Thousand words of an amazing beauty that murders my speeches
Inspiring my pen importantly
To banish ME LOVING YOU into a place without freedom
Free enough to be visited like a prisoner only by your eyes

But hope demands one and more seconds of you, with you
For all struggles to get close enough for a selfie
For words never said and never heard
And the times kissing you where lost in closed eye wishes 
For all those times and more.
E. S. Effa.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • When you possess but can't own

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