Bleeding Heart
21st August, 2015 Writers

I said I didn't want to do it!
No, I'm not fine!
I've held this in for so long
Yes. I've lost my mind!

No, you can't run away
Please let me speak
I'm tired of all this
I'm tired of hurting.

Where are you going?
Why are you trying to leave?
Did I tell you you can go?
Don't walk away from me!

Shaking hands, broken spirit
Dead body on the ground
I'm not scared, yes. I did it,
No turning back now.

There's blood on the floor
Blood on the walls
I guess this is what happens
When anger calls.

I try to breathe
I try not to panic
Staring at the blood shed
Turns me into an addict

I set the body on fire
And stood there to watch it burn
I pick up all the ashes
And put them in a vase

Place them on the shelf 
Sit there and stare
Rocking back and forth
In this rocking chair.

After five minutes,
I'll get my next victim

I hope your spirit understand

When you bleed,

I hope your heart feel the guilt.

I am not wicked

And this ain't a revenge yet.

Lagos, Nigeria
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