22nd September, 2015 Writers

Have you ever wondered why we hurt people we love easily?

Cos with apologies 
The gift "am sorry" is always within our capacity
And like Naira notes 
Its value been abused day after day

After you set her heart ablaze 
With rage and hate
Here comes your extinguisher "am sorry"
Your daily rendition of words 
To eliminate that fire & ease her pain

And oh! In tears she slowly says
"I forgive you but how hard I try to forget"
And then you tell her "I just said am sorry"
But then you realize it looses its value 
When she says "its not enough"

You feel mad at yourself for loosing your warmth
Cos last night the cold made you restless
And later went mute
For the thoughts made you senseless
With nightmares leaving you sleepless 
And life worthless without her you are reckless

But man in the mirror
With me in your shoes I'll rather say to her
I am
S. tupid and wrong but 
O. nly was I human 
R. ealizing my faults and
R. eady for their penalties if that would bring me back to
Y. ou.
E. S. Effa.

Abuja, Nigeria
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