Delusional 2
22nd August, 2015 Writers
"How did the visit with Miriam go?"
"It was fine actu-"
"You know what Amaka? Just save it. Strange that she was here all morning, right?" The too bright and obviously fake smile Tony wore reminded Amaka of the hyenas in The Lion King. Even as a little girl, the way they bared their teeth  menacingly had always scared her to death. Funny that she should be thinking of that under the circumstances.  It took a while for his words to sink in. Oh no,  this wasnt wasn't going as she had imagined.
"Tony I can explain. Honestly, its not what you think."
Tony didn't even spare her a second glance. He brushed past her and his footsteps could be heard on the staircase as he went upstairs. Her closest friend Miriam quickly rushed to her side.
"Babe what's up now? Why did you tell him you were with me? You should have at least given me a heads up so I would have covered for you.." 
Tears threatened to spill from Amaka's eyes. The whole thing didn't make any sense at all. And she felt  humiliated and embarrassed that Miriam witnessed the imperfection of her marriage that she had tried so desperately to hide. Everyone loved Tony and she had hoped no one would see him in this state, not even Miriam. Shame wouldn't let her look at her friend in the eye. She looked at everything else but her. Her eyes fell on the enlarged photograph they had taken on their wedding day. Oh, the perfect married life she had envisioned, dreamed about ever since she was a girl. The perfect man. The perfect marriage. In a perfect house. Her eyes scanned the house she had hoped to make a home with Tony at her side. God, is this supposed to be funny? Or a test of some sort? Right now, she longed for the beauty and perfection of the house in which they lived. White washed painted walls, magnificent railings and beautifully ornated chandeliers. Or was it the wallpapers that Tony had imported all the way from Mexico? Not to talk of the interior designing done by Margaret Ochifo, the country's next best interior designer after Funmi Babalola. Who among her friends could boast of a house like hers? How many of them had asked for tours? It wasn't that the house was a gigantic mansion or anything but it was proudly home to famous Italian paintings and Egyptian artifacts. The Sun reporter had described their house as "exquisite, awe inducing and the dream house of anyone with impeccable class, taste and an eye for invaluable art." But what did a house know?? Immobile in the face of strife and contention among its inhabitants. 
Miriam touched her arm. "I was here all morning waiting for you and Tony wasn't himself so I knew something was wrong. I don't know what's happening or when it started but I  know everything will be alright."
"Will it?"
"Trust me." Miriam said softly. "
Hope is the only thing we've got right  now."

Tony studied his sleeping wife. She had tried to tell him something but he had rudely cut her off.
"We'll talk about it tomorrow." He remembered saying. Both of them knew no one was going to be talking about anything. However, determined that she was, she had meekly agreed and snuggled up to him. And then before he knew it, she was combing her fingers through his hair and telling him she loved him. And the she kissed him on the lips and he knew he was a goner. He could never resist her kiss. But the beast in him willed him to push her away. Not before he saw tears roll down her cheek, her gentle shoulders shaking as she sobbed quietly. She slept off crying without him making a move to console her.These days, sleeping was all she seemed to do. And despite how she tried to hide it, he knew she was tired a lot. He didn't want to even talk about all the frequent outings she made. Amaka was hiding something and sooner or later, he would find out. Anger welled up inside him. It didn't matter anyway. He had a huge secret he was keeping from her and it was best that way. Everything in him wanted to trace the curve of her cheek, to peck her forehead at least but he held himself. He smiled humourlessly. How ironic that his thoughts were synonymous to the actions of Judas Iscariot in the Bible. The one who betrayed his master with a kiss. Hypocrite, that was what he was. A lying traitor of a husband and it would do everyone good if Amaka never found out. Because he was certain she would never forgive him. Even if he was on his deathbed. 
Niger, Nigeria
  • The story of Amaka is continued...

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