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During the praise and worship session in a Sunday service, I came to realise that a circle is only a polygon with a close to infinite amount of sides.

 This revelation given to me, at what one could refer to as an inappropriate point in time, revealed to me another meaning of pi. Not only is pi the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, but it is also a numerical representation of the imperfect nature of a circle, for you see, pi is an irrational number.
 The afore mentioned scenario, like pi, brings to mind the imperfect nature of man and the world in which he exists.
  Some might see this imperfection, as a limitation set on us by the creator to some malevolent end, but I choose rather to see it as a blessing bestowed by the creator. A blessing that affords us the opportunity to strive towards perfection, and in so doing become creators ourselves in every endeavour in which we participate.
  It matters little if we fail or falter, so long as we are minded to keep striving, we give credence to the creator and become more and more like him in every way, just as little drops of water make the mighty ocean.
 And like the circle, when we stand back to observe the bigger picture of the tapestry that is our existence, we begin to see the perfection of the whole and by extension the beauty of the creator.
Lagos, Nigeria
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