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I have come to understand that what truly make us cry is not the fact about seeing ourselves being unable to achieve certain things, things planned for. But the fact why we cry is that some people around us actually have those things we don’t have. 
The sadness we feel is not constructed behind the things we don’t have, it is actually seeing people get what we have strived for so long easily.  “But we couldn’t just get it”. 

Have you ever try to ask the question of why everything is fabricated towards money? 

Our Life is surrounded with money just as the air we breath – we can’t just survive without money. 

Eventually, we have arrive on the stance to which people cry. (Lack of Money -Lack of Good Health)

The only way to actually understand this pain is if you have experienced such before (CRY)… You would know that its hurts when we see things are not done in the ways we want. Yes we have tried, it is not because of our inability not to try, but for the fact that some other people are doing it conveniently…. 


Seriously It Hurts!!!




Kwara, Nigeria
  • Guess At One Point In Time We Have All cried.

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