poems of the heart
25th August, 2015 Writers
I hate feeling 
So helpless 
Makes me sick 
Wanting you
How could i
Be so careless
To loose my ‎
Heart to you 
Thoughts of you 
Alone makes 
Me feel restless 
And now,
My day's are endless 
Even at night 
I can't rest 
Is this a test 
Now it's time 
To confess 
My life is in 
A real mess 
Without you in my life 
Loneliness cuts 
Through me 
Like a knife 
How do I forget you 
When all I think 
About is you
I think you should know 
How much I need you 
My eyes look out 
For you 
Even in a crowd of two‎
Lagos, Nigeria
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