FREE RECIPE 01- Serenade Cake
28th August, 2015 Caterers

Cake isn’t just a dessert treat anymore or a necessity for a big celebration, cake has become food for the soul.
Stepping out of complexity, I would like to share this amazing recipe with you to enjoy. Something for you to look forward to making for yourself, this weekend, and enjoy. That’s if you get it right. This recipe will burst your brains out and give you the chills and make you bite your tongue.

Hey I’m sharing this so you can shop for your groceries to-day.
So follow each step religiously with a lot of patience and you will be happy you did.

What you need:
Sourcing for ingredients is sometimes easier than most people make it seem.

  • Milk
  •  Powdered beverage( Horlicks or Milo)
  • Moist and uniced chocolate sponge cake(you can easily get this by ordering from @cakecoliseumdesserts)
  • Coffee or CappuccinoNutella
  • Liquid whipped cream (Dania sweet whip)
  • Toasted Almond nuts
  • Red Cherries
  • Sugar.

Did you just ask yourself what to do with all of these? It is very easy, especially if you are a coffee lover and you know how to make good coffee.

The How Kiss

  • If you like coffee, you will like this. If you like cake you will like this. If you like Nutella, you will love this. Enjoy

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