The Malignant Heroes
3rd September, 2015 Writers




Come they said, let’s teach you to dive aplomb,

Right before the lyre played by lucrily paid exploiters,

We swam.


Come they said, let’s preach you life,

The church for your probe of the metaphysical,

The gods cried et tu brute and the last they saw was our stabbing guffaws,

But our medium of probe is compromised,


Come they said, let’s teach you to heal,

Ivermectin for your river blindness,

We did heal but we were not healed.


Come they said, let us teach you the art of war,

We abandoned our inheritance with ease in heed,

We were taught the art of war and we did use it for self-destruction.


Come they said, let’s teach you to save lives,

We heeded without much ado,

We saved lives but our desert eagles became fatigued,

And our morgues mocked our census.


Come they said, let’s teach you science,

Oblivion exists, matter persists,

We heeded without much ado,

We learnt science but we honed in on our confusions,

God? Science? None?


Malignant heroes they were,

Their good deeds never outweighed their evil,

We still followed them and we still follow them gullibly,

We gladly cheered them up,

They gladly chained us up.







Kwara, Nigeria
  • A poem that exposes my deep thoughts as regards colonialism and neo-colonialism.

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