The Boy in Green Stockings- Part 2
1st September, 2015 Writers

It was now 11:50 P.M, when I got into my room staggering, sleepy eyes and stuttering fingers, trying to turn off the switch. I turned it off but the lights wouldn’t come on. I paused for a moment to understand the meaning of that mechanism but I pondered till I hit my bed and then I slept. I finally made it.
I don’t like sleeping with the lights on.

In my Dream…
The setting of the dream was my room. My wardrobe was a huge straw band
I turned on the switch and it was stable
“Aha! This is realistic”, I thought in dreamland
The switch was stable
I was trying to fix the switch.
My subconscious questions, why am I trying to fix it?
Didn’t you notice the switch worked in reverse? I challenged my subconscious.
Then suddenly I was in English class,
She taught words and opposite, I chewed my eraser.
“Whats the opposite of ‘ON’?…”
“Opposite of ‘SWITCH’?…”
Wow! ‘Swotched’ I like that word. It sounds like the maker of Jadesola’s wristwatch, ‘SWATCH’.
Then, all of a sudden the teacher turned and behold, it was Mrs Onwueso.
Jisooox! What’s this woman doing in my dream? She taught Maths and we thought she was a witch because of her poor dentition.
She was coming right at me, I started to sweat. As she was about to touch me, her face changed into someone terrifying, unexpected, unbelievably amazing and oh! It was Jadesola! The cutie, prayer warrior, aromatized…
She uttered “teammates”.
I thought, “of course,  we are, forever and a day my brilliant colleague, teammates at work, in the ministry of God, in our home, you’re the perfect wif-“.

3:47 A.M
I was awake. In cold sweat as the neighbourhood had been cut off from electricity supply. But I wasn’t sure if it was the heat that got me sweating. My room was dark. I turned on my rechargeable fan and wall lamp.
This was clearly a stupid dream. I had approximately 3hours of sleep to devour but how about work? I laid in bed, feeling restless and pondering on yesterday’s issue. I checked my bed side clock which was a souvenir at Gbenga’s wedding(Gbenga is my G),it was 4:10A.M
I drifted and slept off again.


11 A.M
I was on my way to the office.(No, I wasn’t late). Remember the meeting with the client I told you about yesterday? Well, 

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