A Fat Girl Story
1st September, 2015 Writers

Seemingly kind words good to heed;
Benediction never left my lips;
Treasured wisdom deep as the sea:
I ogle as he makes his speech.

The crowd stood to prize with cheers;
I made my way through the tables and chairs;
To feed my eyes a proximate stare;
He walked past and his cologne filled the air;
My eyes followed like an eagle’s on it’s prey;
“Excuse me please” he said. “Could you help? I think I lost my pen”;

I pulled out a pin from my bun;
As a silent fart escaped from my bum;
Not in front of the crush! Oh! how my head spun!!!;
As I turned to flee, he asked “how does this work?”;
I yelled “Pull the pin from the top”;
“Frat” “Frit” “Frit” “Frop”;
What was that noise?;
I grabbed a buffet burger and was on the run;
Shame got a sister on time for the last bus!;
I must have had pastry infused cinnamon or however it’s called!;

I sat and unleashed the burger from its wrap;
I got home only to see in my garage a shiny black car;
Thinking they were kidnappers, I hid behind a pillar;
Saw two men step out, “She should be home by now”;

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  • Plus size is beautiful. There's no imperfection and nothing to be ashamed of.

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