Floral Euphoria
2nd September, 2015 Fashion Designers & Stylists
This costume was inspired by a song titled "wonderful" by Waye which can be downloaded here ---  . http://tooxclusive.com/downloadmp3/waye-wonderful/              I imagined what the lyrics and rhythm would look like if I were to see them. I chose several shades of pink,lavender and peach as inspired by the calmness and warmth that I felt when I first heard the song. The descending order in which I arranged the flowers are an expression of the rhythmic progression of the song as well as the way it's lyrics explore Love in simplicity .Floral. Chimamanda Adichie's "Purple Hibiscus" also influenced this piece, how a woman can draw courage from her surroundings ,nature and excel. Euphoria.
Edo, Nigeria
  • Costumery and Styling just got better.... I imagine what sounds look like

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