empty pieces
21st September, 2015 Artists

Not everyone deserves your sleepy voice

Not everyone deserves your laughter or your tears

But first understand my silence.

When someone falls in love, they fall in love with you

For you

But if your touches don’t make me shiver a little,

If you are not a little mess you probably wont understand me

If you have no patience your wont understand the four personalities

The mood swings and the dreaming mind.

If you look into my eyes and cant call yourself beautiful then our love is weak

We fall more in love with someone for the things they do not know they do to us

Hoping for the best is the most dangerous of all drugs

I won’t do that you.

Broken hearts are not ordinary,

There are reflections of cherished moments with sweet love gone exile

Would you know let me take away your happiness with my hurt?

But every time I look at you I know I am home,

 I feel you with love

I hold you not just out of my want but because you make me breathe a little

There are silence in your lips I want to read only,

There are dreams  I only  want to fly with you with

There are places waiting for our visitation,

To walk in the moonlight holding hands and whispering into our ears

The silence expression of romance.

 But I am afraid you are too beautiful and my broken pieces might scar you

For there is a difference between feeling empty and being shallow

And been beautiful comes in various forms, strange, mysterious and attractive

  And the longer it remained unsaid the more it hurt.

 That I am an empty piece with a broken heart



Lagos, Nigeria
  • nothing is more special than love...... but being true is what gives it is meaning.

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