The middle east dream
8th September, 2015 Writers
The middle east dream. 

They will never know joy
They are the kids with no toys
Idling on walls with broken shells
Their home turned to living hell

Taste of a sweet life he was deprived 
A father to put on a shoulder he was denied
To watch a football match he never did
Born in the middle east was all his deed

She a family to cater for she lacked
Hunger stricken on the walls that cracked
She sad and waited for tomorrow 
One to carry her tears and sorrow 

She has five in her care
Father taken away by warfare
Sadly they all wait for help
From God, West and anyone who dares

In the thorn country of Afghanistan they were 
With hope they'll once again eat kabob 
And fly kites in the sky of winter
All they get is no home, survival and lot of Kaboom 

This work was written and dedicated to the innocent children of Afghanistan 
May God bless them. 
Oyo, Nigeria
  • Written in honor of Afghanistan orphans

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