8th September, 2015 Artists
This work was inspired by the synchronicity of disparate movements in the human body, with specific focus on the arms. Moving the left and right arms in tandem is seen as normal, but the synchronisation on the neural level required to achieve a pose such as depicted would be amazing if it weren't so commonplace. 

It ties into the theme 'Interactions: Crossing Lines' via the divide between neural hemispheres and associated mental inclinations (depicted by the straight lines for the right arm/logical left brain and the dots and spirals for the left arm/creative right brain), yet highlighting the spiral nature of their crisscrossing entanglement of both the physical limbs and the psychologic traits that usually accompany them, resulting in a centric synergy that ensures the wholeness of the being.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Designed for the September 2015 Tech Meets Art competition hosted by Samsung Mobile Nigeria and ReLe Gallery, Lagos. Synergy is a digital painting in three colors only, meant to emphasise their contrast and interactions.

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