A Tale Conflicted
21st September, 2015 Writers

Rain drops  on a glass. 

A tale of a love lost.

Another gained, yet inadequate.

An impossible love. One demanding all, yet never giving any. 

My heart ached from hurting too much. Hurting for the one I wanted. Hurting for one whose smile could melt me anytime. Hurting for the one - the reason I got out of bed each morning smiling. Hurting for the one whom I lost. Hurting for the one who crushed my spirit and broke my will.

Why would love be given only to have it so brashly taken away?

A tale cut short by a beginning. One we ponder over and wonder if the end justifies the non-existent beginning.

Rain drops or tear drops, we'll never know which stained the glass.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • A love forcefully taken...

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