8th September, 2015 Writers
Standing on the side of the streets 
Limited sidelines 
Unending timelines 
These images before me
A depiction of the man I represent 
Looked like a painting, But wait;
What a perfect resemblance? 
So flawless 
Like it was made by God himself 
But there are no mirrors on the streets
Couldn't find a body of water
Neither can I find glasswares 
Nor looking glasses. 
Could this be you? 
Have you done this? 
O goddess, heavenly bright
Mirror of Grace and majesty divine. 
It stands as I stood
It waves as I waved
It smiles as I smiled
It jumps as I jumped.
flabbergasted tho I felt I was hallucinating 
Is this a copy cat? 
I tried various sounds
I Heard them at the other end- even louder 
Puzzled by this scenario, 
I wept heavily 
It wept too
Edo, Nigeria
  • This is between a poem and a script. Strictly imaginative and hopefully innovative ... Please rate

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