Time To Propose
9th September, 2015 Writers

I come here today, I’m kind of nervous
You know how words get in my way
It should come easy, I’ve been rehearsing
I don’t know why I’m so afraid, to say
'Will you marry me'‎
Put our love and life together
Will you stay with me‎
For always and forever
On bended knee, would you take this ring‎
Will you marry me, please
'Will you marry me'‎
To be with you is what I live for
But at this moment I confess
Though I love you, God knows I love you
Deep down inside I’m scared to death, 
Please say yes

In less than hour
Since last time I saw you here
Many thoughts came by
More than just predictions
That someday from now on
We may romantically involve
In our depth love affair
Continuously unbroken
Would you take the part?
To be my lover all your life
The time will change me a bit
But hopefully not my heart
And I don’t want to hear a no
‘Cause I left all my life before now
To show you that you’re the only one
I ever got left to live
Love me now and tomorrow
And the next day, and the other days
Until we get old, after we die
And in our graves, I’ll love you always‎.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • #Love #Life #Together

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