Betrayed 2
11th September, 2015 Writers

Kemi stood motionless, she had stopped crying and was trying to keep  it together. "I am so sorry Kemi." Shade continued pleading "At first it was purely physical but I soon realized I was having feelings for him and I just couldn't stop, he also confessed he had feelings for me too and.... Oh God what have I done? Please forgive me Kemi." Shade began to weep.  

           Kemi was still reeling from the shock of discovering her boyfriend in bed with her bestfriend. Shade had supported her through school when she almost dropped out due to financial difficulties. Shade had been her provider, she had been more than a sister to her. What was she going to do? If she confronted Tony and it turned out he had serious feelings for Shade what would she do? She couldn't say anything. She sat quietly on the rug and cried.
          Things became very awkward between Kemi and Shade during the following weeks as they prepared for their final year exams. There was a constant tension between the two of them and things were no longer the same. Kemi called Tony but he refused to answer her calls. All she got was a text message from him that he was so sorry he had hurt her deeply and he needed some time alone to deal with some personal conflict. He had passed his final Medical School Exams and was starting his housemanship so he was also very preoccupied at the moment.  Kemi and Shade finished their final exams and said very awkward goodbyes and both returned to their families. Kemi tried reaching Tony but he refused to answer her calls so she stopped calling. When she called Shade their conversation had been wierd, it was like they had become strangers. She didn't hear from Shade or Tony for months. She didn't even see Shade in school when she went to check her results. She noticed their other friends were aware something was up between her and Shade because they kept acting strange around her. She had no idea she was in for another shock.
         Few months later she was finalizing her clearance exercise in school when she bumped into a friend from her department Joke a notorious gossip. They greeted each other excitedly and she congratulated Kemi for coming out with a 2:1 before dropping the bomb on her. 
        "My dear you look great. How are you holding up? Cause if it were me I'd be a total wreck." Joke declared. Kemi was dumbfounded.
        "What are you talking about?" She asked. 
        "You mean you haven't heard!" Joke exclaimed. 
        "Heard what?" Kemi smiled. Thinking Joke as usual was exaggerating. 
        "Shade and Tony are engaged." She pronounced. "It's all on Facebook  and twitter. I even heard Shade is pregnant." The world practically spun as Kemi struggled to hold her composure. Joke reached out to steady her as she swayed. "I'm so sorry Kemi, I had no idea you didn't know" Joke apologized as she led Kemi to a nearby cafeteria so they could sit somewhere.  
         "Are you sure?" Kemi asked still refusing to believe what she heard. Joke brought out her phone and showed pictures of the engagement on Facebook. Pictures uploaded on Shade's Facebook account. Kemi stared at the picture of Tony and Shade smiling happily at each other, a beautiful engagement ring shinning on Shade's finger and the slight protruding of her belly in the purple dress she was wearing.  Kemi paid no attention to anything Joke was saying afterward. She was absorbing the news that Shade and Tony were getting married, that Shade was pregnant for Tony. To think that all these had taken place in a short span of six months was beyond devastating.
         Kemi didn't know how she made it home without betraying the turmoil she was going through. She had wanted to scream her frustration at the bus conductor when he pestered her about finding change. She had wanted to vent her anger on the guy who sat near her as he tried hitting on her. It was till she got to her room that she let the dam burst. She broke down in tears and cried bitterly. Shade had done so much for her and in return Shade had taken a lot more. She was paying the price for all the good deeds Shade had done for her. This was the price Shade had collected in exchange for her support and friendship. What kind of a friend would do this to another friend? How could Shade and Tony have betrayed her like this? Kemi pondered. It was the ultimate betrayal, Shade had helped her become the graduate she was and in exchange she had paid by sacrificing the man she loved. 


Abuja, Nigeria
  • A story about friendship. Is a friend in need always a friend indeed?

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