I hate
10th September, 2015 Writers
I hate

I love the way you said yes
Thanks it didn't take years
I like the way love happened
It really never saddened
I like the way you loved me
You planted a huge love tree
On my heart it grew tall
And no way it was going to fall

We played, danced and laughed
We cried, mourned and laughed
Every moment was ever beautiful
Every time we remained faithful
You always stretched your hand
You reached me thru the bond
Every second produced laughter
Every hour things got better

Later crap started happening
It everything was saddening
I have the way you're ever sorry
I hate the way you never worry
I hate the way I accept your lies
I hate the way you speak lies
Though ur like a butterfly
It's never good lying to try

I hate the way I can't leave you
I hate the way I listen to you
Giving silly excuses to me
I hate the way it's done to me
I hate the way you're never shy
To tell  courageously a lie
But then you planted a tree in me
Which is never going to fall

(Poems by Bryan Mulei)

Nairobi, Kenya
  • Sometimes we're faced by things we can't fight. We just have to embrace them

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