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"Arewa" is a word used among the Yoruba tribe which means "Beauty". Beauty to many means the qualities that give pleasure to the senses, to some it also means a very attractive or seductive looking woman or an outstanding example of its kind. Bottomline is,  Individuals have different inclinations on what is beautiful. But the only fact about Beauty is that it can only be Skin Deep, that is, what matters is a person's character, rather than a person's appearance, But often times we seem to be mistaking superficiality For Beauty.  However, a subject's appearance may be the first thing that catches the eye but its very essential to see the subject beyond d appearance and go deeper than the surface otherwise it becomes a mere exaggeration or infatuation..lots of Mistakes has been made with respect to this thing called Beauty; Relationship ends, Marriages Fail, Life becomes depressing among others, all because we don't get to explore and understand an attraction or affection before we make conclusions. Let it be known!  Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder But it can only be Skin Deep!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • "Arewa" is a word used among the Yoruba tribe which means "Beauty".

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