11th September, 2015 Writers

We are all going to die someday but we all won't get to live.- Read that somewhere and it's the fact. Today I take charge of my life. I'm going to sail my ship towards whichever direction I want. I'm going to cry, laugh, be heartbroken, fall, stand up, fail, succeed, stand on a moving train and scream to the heavens, sing a song in public with my horrible voice, get a Msc in Po Science and a MBA, get drunk, get sober, meet new people, lose some friends, fall in love, buy a house, have kids, spend on things I don't need, party in the rain, see at least a match at Old trafford, write a book, finish my list of 100things I have to do before I die 4times; in all I'm going to live my life as I see fit for when death comes I'll be the one to do the dying. It will be just me. Me! 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Taking charge of ones life, living it for death do not give notice.

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