Barrack life
11th September, 2015 Writers

   He felt the peak of life 
   With his trouser well sagged
   And his work cloth pretty ragged
   Without a care he flowed with the tide
   With sadness in him deep inside

    Then I walked on, on this Boulevard of mystery 
     I saw her as she doth it with mastery
     With the customer deep in her thigh
     She hummed something so high 
     With perfection she did the plait

      Now I see the man so big
      With his boot and bag, haggard 
      He walked with thought of bills
      Lonely and worn out like the scabbard
      Waiting for his customer under the shelter 

      Both feet moving in unison
      She treated the cloth with all attention 
      As she noticed less her little son
      She hummed silently a little song
       As she sewed with the sun

      I walked with apt attention 
      The survivors of the barrack 
      I observed with all valor
      As I walked to get my /mubraq/ 
       Under the Friday sun with all vigor
Oyo, Nigeria
  • Inspired by what I saw in a small police barrack in Abuja, Nigeria.

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