Inner Peace
12th September, 2015 Writers
There is a place so silent,
It's location cannot be learnt.

Deep within your heart you may find,
An expanse of hush of no other kind.

Round, round your heart it squeezes,
Stretching your forehead creases. 

It is the dead air of your breaking soul,
The iron curtain for your mind's treasure bowl.

Privy to one being is quiescence. 
A galaxy of numbed sense.

Once found, your eternal haven it stays.
Forever open to you alone it lays.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • You'd hardly find a handful of people who have actually and sincerely actualized the great conquest...inner peace. That state where nothing and no being can alter your serenity and peace. Just let go and feel it wash over you and sip into your mind&#

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