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Answer me! Answer me! For your end is near
Today I will pass the sentence on you, the sentence you passed on that young man
Remember when he gaped for air, his throat tightened, I tried to cut him loose
But you won’t let me, he needed me, his voice was like a drowning old man
I pitied him, I watched his head pulled out from the rest of his body, and then I heard that voice, the voice from the dead man. he said!
His name was James. He did not tell me his name
But you made sure I knew 

I couldn’t see his face, t’ was a shallow and dark cave
But you can tell a man from his eyes
I saw those red eyes
And I knew for sure
It was my James

It was his shaking legs I just witnessed!
It was from him the blood kept spilling from
I kept looking up 
Up at the man dangling from that rope

I was coming to cut him loose
My instincts told me not to
But that hand! 
That hand!
That hand that has been living inside his heart
Ever since i was small

No one wanted to believe me, that there is a hand in his heart
I pointed to it, no one looked, I told everyone, no one listened
And they said I’m possessed

They called me possessed and pushed me aside
Caitlyn my mum’s friend 
I heard her say
I should be taken to the fortune teller to tell my fate
And to the orator to speak to the people of my death

But I told them that
He told me I am of pure blood
And that he was coming to take me away

He said I’m living, but I will be his
And no one can save me, no one can have me

That very day, I saw the hand come out
From inside his heart, I shouted and screamed

It was in the streets, but no one seem to notice me
I saw everyone
But no one saw me
 I became helpless and overpowered

His hand got to me
I saw my heart ripped in two and something like a “v’ shape
Came out of me
His hand was covered in blood
I watched him put whatever it was he brought from me
Into his mouth and swallowed it
And suddenly, I heard his heart beating fast
No! I saw his heart beating
That hand came back to me and stitched me up
It was as if nothing ever happened
But from that moment on
Something changed within me

I was no longer the whole me
I became somebody else’s
I became his

Oh my James!

So it was that thing that was mine
That thing in his heart, that drew me to the dangling man
Hanging on a rope

Oh God!

Have been lured to this place, how did I get here
Anybody here, somebody! Anyone!
I’m sure its just insects noise

Someone is touching me, please, please! Stop this! No! no! no!
I’m cold, my teeth is falling off, my head is swollen

Momma! Momma! Momm…… ma..a……aaa

Where is this place!
 I just saw James! Yes I’m sure that’s James

James! James! Wait! Wait!
Where are you going!
Wait! I’m coming

Ahhhhhh! Can’t move my legs

James! James!

Aaahhhhhhhhhh! My leg

Who is touching me!


Now she is talking to me
Granma, have missed her;
Where have you been granma, daddy said you traveled for a long time

You are blinding me with that touch,
I can see you

Ohhhhh, take the light away from my face
Granma its me
Take the light away from my face!

Doctor: keep your hands down, its okay, just stick to the drugs you are taking.
Mum: so doctor are you saying its typhoid and malaria symptoms?
Doctor: yes it is, in a few days, she’ll be fine
Mum: common darling lets go, and don’t yell at the doctor to take the light away from your eyes, he is doing his job.                                               
Rivers, Nigeria
  • The symptoms is about fear and effect. Abstract world conjured up as a result of the condition of the body.

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