Glammed by Dani
18th September, 2015 Makeup Artists
I love all things beauty. I am extremely passionate about makeup. This is a  record of my journey, growth, trials and tribulations as an aspiring makeup artist. Also, I have dreams of one day attending Beauty School. I would love to pursue makeup for Production and High fashion.I am addicted to learning. Therefore, I believe as an artist one should constantly work on expanding their craft and keeping up with new trends. Do Enjoy my journey :) "Even the greatest was once a beginner! Do not be afraid to take the first step." Everyday as I wake, I strive to become better than yesterday and the day before that .#respectthegrowth#respecttheprogress#
Trinidad and Tobago
  • Makeup for all occasions! Makeup is my Passion. Follow my journey on Ig: Makeup_bydani

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