30th September, 2015 Artists

MOTHER  Nigeria is celebrating her 55th years of independence tomorrow 1st october.

it tend to be a day of memory and happiness. the young matured lady in that piece of art is human  form of Nigeria. she consist of more than 200 ethnic group but the three major tribes are depicted in her accessories and hair style;

1. THE HAIR this is the yoruba stryle of hair which helps the growth of the hair.

2. THE NECKLESS This is an igbo's major local neckless which is a major back up in the dressing of the igbo.

3. THE EARRING This a customised fulani earring which depict the shape of the map of nigeria.

Let's go to the CAKE. this is an evidence of development which is a symbol of celebration, but the quality has a different story aal togeher. this quality shows the budgeted amount that is to be spent for the aniverssary which is N75million  and to the government it is a lowkey celebration because of the contry's state of economy.

Before some questions state coming, Nigeria is 55 and i think she is not to be old like that but she is to be a mutured and an adult, because other countries like USA, ETHOPIA CHINA, FRANCE etc are more than hundred years. so how is their facial appearance meant to look like?

Abia, Nigeria

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