to you only
21st September, 2015 Writers

Did I ever question your love?

You have loved me more than I could have

You asked me to move on but my feet sucked regrets deeply.

My silence digging in my tears

Why do you call it love when I don’t even give you a smile?

Heart tender and sincere thoughts

With my shadows lingering   in the dark to become myself

Leaving behind the joys of warm company

We cant explain to does who don’t care to understand

Yet your touch become diaries memories

Reminding me of life in kindness and appreciation.

 My worst fear is not being able to express how I feel

Its letting you ago on a walk to the stars, so they tell you how beautiful you are.

I had left you once when times where good

I had let down humanity of my  true existence

The purpose of my soul and inspiration

That I am meant to be with you

To adore your words and be your presence

To love you and nothing better.

to mend your dying heart and tell you how special you are 

your smile my happiness



Lagos, Nigeria
  • A collection of words to the mysterious one with the cherished heart

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