The Trap-Part 2
24th September, 2015 Writers
He was looking at me with a predatory gleam in his eyes that was alarming. I had fallen right into Lola's trap, I was stuck in a hotel room with a man I barely knew at 2.00 am in the morning. My phone battery was running low and I didn't know who else to call for help at this hour. I felt confused, hurt and angry, but above all I felt frightened. Lola and Juliana had deserted me cold-heartedly with Thomas on purpose. 
           He was requesting for a bottle of whiskey to be brought up via room service. He leered lustfully at me as he asked if I cared for a drink. "No thank you." I declined. After hanging up, he continued to stare at me, he was enjoying my discomfort. He stood from the bed and walked up to me. He leaned close to me and ran his hands over my bare shoulders.
             "I've known Lola for sometime now." He admitted. "I took good care of her in her first year. After a while our relationship degenerated to something of mutual benefit to both of us. She knows what I like so when she told me about you I knew I had to have you." He smiled wolfishly.
           I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Lola had told me Thomas saw me at a party we attended together. She had tricked me. My beloved cousin had virtually pimped me out to her former lover, her ex-sugar daddy for money.
           "What are you saying?" I asked, afraid I already knew the answer to that. 
           "I want you Olivia, you should know that by now. You can have anything you want, just name it. I saw how you enjoyed having lunch at the expensive restaurant, I saw your excitement while you were shopping at that luxurious boutique. You want the finer things of life, if you want to take trips abroad you will have it. Just give yourself to me, I can make you the envy of every girl in your school."  He tempted me with promises and I was utterly transfixed.
             He was right, I did want those things Lola had, I wanted to wear expensive clothes and shop abroad, I wanted to be sophisticated like Lola. I had been so fascinated with my cousin and her flashy friends that I wanted to be like them, but I didn't want to be defiled by this perverted man. I felt violated just by the thought of him touching me. My bible  had taught me that my body was a temple and that sex was way more spiritual than physical, that if I obeyed God and preserved my body, they were blessings way more important than designer clothes and bags.
              I also wanted to have peace, Lola and Juliana lived lavish lifestyles but they were never contented, they were never at peace, they were constantly chasing something, competing against each other, never appreciating but always wanting. I didn't want my time in school to be spent chasing after the unattainable, constantly living my life to impress people I didn't like, or being friends with girls who only valued me for what I owned not who I was. I realized I didn't want Lola's fantastic life. I just wanted to go home. Without warning he grabbed me and forcefully tried to kiss me, I struggled wildly and bit him on his lip, he yelped and let go of me. I sprang from the armchair I was sitting and tried running to the door, he caught me by my dress and threw me roughly on the bed. 
             He fell heavily on top of me crushing me with his weight, I fought savagely underneath him to no avail.
             "I'll scream. Let me go or I'll scream down this place" I threatened, my heart was pounding with fright. He chuckled ominously. Please God get me out of here and I would never go astray like this again! I prayed in my heart.
             "Stop fighting me Olivia. You're not leaving this room until I get what I want." He declared ruthlessly and fiercely reached for the zipper on my dress. I cried as I fought to hold onto my dress.  I didn't know what to do. 
               Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He ignored it at first, too intent on ripping off my dress. When the knocking continued incessantly, he went to the door and was speaking to whoever it was in low tones. I moved quietly  from the bed, tiptoed behind him and pushed my way through, surprising him and throwing him off his balance. A male room service attendant was standing outside with the whiskey he had ordered. He looked very familiar, he took in my disheveled appearance and knew something was wrong. I ran past him into the hallway and raced for the elevator. I could hear Thomas yelling after me but I ignored him. "Excuse me!"  Someone else called, I turned and it was the room service guy. I realized I knew him from church, he was a new member in our drama unit. He followed me into the elevator.
               " What's wrong? " he asked. I began to cry all over again. I cried as I told him what happened. When we got to the first floor, we spoke to the receptionist who insisted I wait for Lola since she had not yet return with the room key and the room was booked in her name. Then he took me to the assistant manager who questioned me and verified from the receptionist that I, Lola and Juliana had left the hotel together, he told the receptionist and the room service guy to escort me to the room with a duplicate key to confirm if my things were indeed in the room.
               When we got there I showed them my bag and ID then I hurriedly changed into my proper clothes in the bathroom while they waited. I grabbed my purse and house key, leaving behind all the things we bought earlier that day. I wanted nothing to do with Lola and Juliana. I left the room with them and they locked the door. He then escorted me out of the hotel and helped me get a cab to take me home. 
              "Thank you so much. You know my name and I don't even know yours." I smiled.
              "Steven." He replied.. "Hopefully I'll see you in church on Thursday for rehearsals." He grinned as the taxi drove off. I got to my room off campus by 3.30 am, prayed and fell into an exhausted sleep.
              I avoided Lola and Juliana and cut all ties with them throughout the rest of my stay in school. I was contented with my life and my closest friends like Cynthia. Lola hadn't even bothered to call me. She must had heard from Thomas the full details of what happened. Months later Steven and I gradually became more than friends. He was decent, loving and God fearing. I later discovered he was the son of a very wealthy industrialist. His dad had cut him off because he was wild and reckless in the past. His mum sent him a monthly allowance but he still had to work part-time at the hotel where we met. As our relationship blossomed, he was able to reconcile with his family. He graduated a year ahead of me and his parents insisted he travelled to the US for his masters. By the time he returned when I was graduating, Lola was no longer the toast of campus social life. She was gradually fading, her beauty, the friends and the flashy lifestyle were dwindling away. She didn't do well in her final exams so she had an extra year. Her glory days were gone and she battled to hold on to her sinking reputation.
            I realised Lola was the one stuck in a trap. She had been trapped in her own greed and materialism, an insatiable hunger that stemmed from insecurity and the need to be accepted. She was left drowning in her own pool of never-ending desires. I had learnt my lesson, I was happy, grateful and contented, but most of all I had blessings only God could give; grace, peace and love, and so much more.
Abuja, Nigeria
  • A short story about the sort of company one should keep.

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