Our fault
22nd September, 2015 Writers


It's my fault I et my emotion drives me speedily;
till it crushed my soul

Its my fault to abandoned my Bante, and dance to the beat emanating from your heart

Its my fault to searched for love, unyielding elders word that says 'let love found you'

Its my fault to expect your love in return, knowing heart always wants what it want

I want your heart. Why not take mine?


Its my fault, it's your fault

Its my fault I love you
Its my fault I have no control of my own heart
Its my fault I crave for your embrace, as vampire do, when near blood
Its my fault I can't live without you
Its all my fault...
Its all your fault...
Its your fault you don't love me as I do

Its my fault I can't let go
Even if I want to
Its my fault everyday your feelings grow
Like a Bear in snow
It your fault you shut your heart
Its my fault that I need to right 

Olabusayo Ajayi Hammef
Lagos, Nigeria
  • A lamentation on unreturned love. #freestyle

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