24th September, 2015 Writers

while we wake Up feeling bad that we don't have/own a particular fashion Item, "O LORD Please heal Me" is somebody's everyday anthem;

Where we think that life is Unfair because we want the Guccis & Versaces but cannot afford a pair, there are persons who cannot afford the "ORDINARY" air,

I hear people pay 4k/day for oxygen at the national hospital, yet You and I have it for free and we don't understand the magnitude,

Regardless of the hitch, we should be grateful for life, we may not be rich, but at least We're healthy and alive,

People die wthout being stabbed with a knife, some just go in their slumber, that still remains one of life's many wonders, the mystery of how people become history is causing Me grave misery.

But I will never not be grateful, well I hope, as GOD has been too faithful & deserves to be appreciated by everyone & not just the pope... Show Love, be thankful! GOD Bless You!

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Still Me explaining the need for gratitude!

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