24th September, 2015 Writers

My name is a stream

It is pure on the sand

I stare and glare

All manner of pearls

Lay still and Gleam

in the pure stream

Imagine my Beckoning

to hold and behold

its beauty in my palm

But Alas!

Swimming, Never in  my blood

The chillness of the stream

 My legs will freeze and burn

In the cold of its purity

Helpless i am left

only my stare to let

I am overwhelmed by its

amorous beauty

My waist complain

of its prolong strain

from my staring and glaring

My friends must see

like swarming locust they swam

down to my stand

i lost my ground

My heart bumped suddenly

my ears hold steadily

i coudn't bear to hear

the fraulty from their naughty

lips as they sang

like an Auction

Fifty Naira going going

Fifty Dollars going going

Fift Euros going going 

gbam gbam gbam the hammer lands

i have lost my pearls

of which i stare and glare

which lay still and gleam

in the now dirty but once pure stream!

Rivers, Nigeria
  • When you find something precious, guard it jealously or you'll loose it to supposed friends.

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